Sync error messages: "permissions have changed since last use (ProtocolErrorCode=228)"


since ~8 hours we are getting a lot of sync error messages, although we didn’t change anything since days.
The error message that appears is: “ending session with error: permissions have changed since last use (ProtocolErrorCode=228)”.

Here’s an excerpt:

ending session with error: permissions have changed since last use (ProtocolErrorCode=228)
"Session was active for: 0s"
Function Call Location:
"ChatMessage": "(chatid == \"62981d9d267619e259b47ca1\" and chattype == 1) OR (chattype == 0)",
"GameState": "(userid == \"6290f50b76a4386fc870f7f3\")"
Session Metrics:
Remote IP Address:
Realm Unity v10.11.1
Platform Version:

Since as I stated we didn’t change anything at all, there must be an error on your servers. What could be the reason? Please check it as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, this is a known effect of one of the deploys that we just made. We found an issue in the hash function that we use to compare the permissions of a user when they reconnect to sync. In some circumstances, fixing this issue will result in SDKs receiving this error, but the SDK should handle this error appropriately and reconnect to sync immediately. Please let us know if you are seeing any issues associated with this error, or just looking into why this showed up in the first place?

Apologies for the change, but this was intentional on our part, should not happen again, and should have resulted in no issues other than a log in the UI and a client-reset on the device.