Sydney MUG: Meetup | May 2022 | Online

About this Event

Sydney MongoDB User Group is excited to announce an online meetup for May 2022. This event will feature two great talks from MongoDB.

All levels of technical knowledge are welcome.


Time Topic
18:00 PM Announcements
18:10 PM Realm Sync mobile application + GraphQL
18:45 PM Training Deep Neural Networks to learn the structure of datasets
19:20 PM Giveaways


Event Type: Online
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Manish Sahni

MongoDB Senior Consulting Engineer

Manish is a Senior Consulting Engineer with 12+ years of experience building software. His experiences range from front-end engineering to DevOps, and everything in between. He is thrilled by the capabilities of the new and powerful tools available to engineers today and how MongoDB is helping them to make their life easier. In this talk, he will present an overview of Realm Sync, and demonstrate Realm synchronisation integration in a mobile application

Thomas Rückstieß

MongoDB Staff Engineer

Thomas has been with MongoDB for almost 10 years and in various roles. Last year he joined MongoDB Labs, MongoDB’s research and innovation team. In this talk, he will give an overview of Labs’ team and mission, and then dive into some of the research in the area of Machine Learning he is involved in; Training Deep Neural Networks to learn the structure of datasets for tasks including index recommendations, query planning and approximate query processing.


Wan Bachtiar

MongoDB Staff Engineer


Hi Everyone,

A reminder that this is happening in approximately 2 hours from now.

The event will be held on Zoom , please remember to download and install the Zoom application on your preferred device before the event start.

Looking forward to see you all.



We are on, join here: Launch Meeting - Zoom