SwiftUI not updating when adding a new object ( freeze()? )

I’m working on something that seems pretty straight forward but it seems that SwiftUI actually is making it more difficult with live objects.

My app is a simple scavenger hunt app. Create hunts. Add tasks to the hunts.

In my model I have Hunt objects and Task objects.

The Hunt has a list of Tasks:
let tasks = RealmSwift.List<Task>()

And the Task has an inverse relationship reference:
let hunt = LinkingObjects(fromType: Hunt.self, property: "tasks")

I’m passing the property down through the components, first just the hunt, then when it gets to the TaskListView, I’m passing in hunt: hunt and tasks: hunt.tasks

When I add a new task, if I leave and return to the view, it will update, but it won’t update without leaving the screen and returning.

I assume this is a notification issue, but the quickstart doesn’t mention notifications with SwiftUI here: https://docs.mongodb.com/realm/ios/swiftui

The hunts are loaded as hunts = RealmManager.shared.userRealm.objects(Hunt.self) and then passed down, but they are frozen like this:

ForEach(hunts.freeze()) { hunt in if let huntsRealm = hunts.realm { HuntCardView(hunt: (huntsRealm.resolve(ThreadSafeReference(to: hunt)))!) } }

How would I add a listener/notification so that this will refresh the view when a new task is added?

Side note: I have been using Realm for years in React Native, but just now moving to MongoDB Realm and SwiftUI. Just using .addListener() was very straight forward in RN. Hoping there is a similar method in SwiftUI.

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