Survey Your Mongo Land with Keyhole

Keyhole is a performance analytics tool, written in GO (Golang), to collect stats from MongoDB instances and to analyze performance of a MongoDB cluster. Golang was chosen to eliminate the needs to install an interpreter or software modules. To generate HTML reports use Maobi, a Keyhole reports generator.


Peek at your MongoDB Clusters like a Pro with Keyhole


hi Ken,
I installed keyhole and ran it with “–info” to collect info from our cluster, which creates a (gzip’d) BSON file and not JSON as you described.
The BSON is not viewable in a web browser as it is proprietary to MongoDB.
-> is there any way to force “keyhole” to generate a JSON file ?

I had to modify keyhole to output in bson format to support all data types. You can use -print to output JSON to a file.

thx Ken, with the command
keyhole --info "mongodb://.../" -print
I indeed do now get JSON output. Now trying to get any numbers in the (still blank) Grafana charts…

I can’t really tell what you did wrong, but check out Grafana document for the error message implication. I can provide a few pointers. Keyhole works as a single json server to feed back into Grafana. You should check out my blog part 2 for details instructions and the Keyhole GitHub wiki page.

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