Supporting Stream Processor validation, merging and other operations in Atlas Administration API

Hi! I have a question about atlas administration API. I saw that v2.0 api have support of streams, but returning only stream’s connections. I may have missed something, but I can’t find any way to get stream’s validator or other components. Is there a plan to support such functionality in future versions of API?

Hi, When you ask about “stream’s validator or other components” are you referring to configuring the stream processor within a Stream Processing Instance?

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Yes, correctly. To those that created when configuring stream pipeline, here screenshot from example

Yes we are aware of the lack of stream processor automation wtihin the Admin API and its on our roadmap to address. At its core the problem is the Admin API authenticates at the control plane level which is the Atlas UI and CLI. To get access to the Stream Processors themselves they are accessed from connecting to a Stream Processor instance authenticated as a database user (atlasAdmin at the moment, this will be addressed as well). So to workaround your script could theoretically shell out to a terminal and use mongosh to connect to the SPI and manage the Stream processors until we implement a better user experience.

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