Support for ZonedDateTime with MongoDB using Codec for Java

Can there be native support to ZonedDateTime in MongoDB java Driver sync. Seems it only have LocalDateTime implemented as part of JSR310
Supported classes are The high level API contains the following key classes:

  1. LocalDate - A date, with no time nor zone-offset
  2. LocalTime - A time, with no date nor zone-offset
  3. LocalDateTime - A date-time, with no zone-offset
  4. OffsetTime - A time and zone-offset, with no date
  5. OffsetDateTime - A date-time and zone-offset
  6. ZonedDateTime - A date-time, zone-offset and time-zone
  7. ZoneOffset - An offset from the time in UTC/GMT
  8. ZoneId - A time-zone identifier, used to find the underlying rules

Thanks for letting us know about your feature request for native support of ZonedDateTime.

While we don’t have this on our roadmap currently, I’ve added it to the JAVA project so that we can gauge popularity and interest. Feel free to upvote it here, and to add any additional information about your specific use case.

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how can i fix this