Support for windows-arm64

Dear MongoDB developers,

as part of our work at Linaro (Windows on Arm | Linaro), we help some open source projects to support arm64 arch on windows. Our partner at Microsoft would be interested to see MongoDB on this new platform.

Is this something you would be open to support, either on your side, or with an external contribution?

I started to take a look at the mongodb source code, could build python deps for windows-arm64, and I’m currently a bit stuck around generated ninja file from scons.

$ python3 buildscripts/ install-mongod  TARGET_ARCH=aarch64 HOST_ARCH=aarch64 CC=cl.exe CXX=cl.exe --ninja=enabled
$ ninja
ninja: error: 'build/opt/mongo/db/commands/generic_gen.cpp', needed by 'build/opt/mongo/db/commands/generic_gen.obj', missing and no known rule to make it

It seems like those cpp files are coming for .idl, but I'm not sure why it's not generated by Scons as part of the configure step. Any step is missing?

I use a fork on MongoDB (to add some changes for windows-arm) available here, on branch woa:
And using this build script:

You can see a full build run here:

Thanks for your help!

Any MongoDB developer who could help on this?