Suddenly can't access some collections

I’m using Atlas MongoDB for a university NodeJS - HTML project. A few hours ago I was working on it and could access all my collections via get and post requests. Suddenly and unexpectedly, without changing anything in my code at all, not in my server, not in my client page, not in my schemas and nothing on my db, I can’t access two specific collections. Programmatically speaking, as I said, everything is correct in my code and I had 100% access to my data a few hours ago. I tried many things like restarting my server several times, using another browser to send the get requests, chat with support, checking my db status. I have access through compass and shell. Anyone has any idea what that could be and how can I fix it. Let me know what info you need to help me. Using 4.4 mongo version, NodeJS as server and html page for my client. I have model schemas for every collection I have and a simple api in my server to access my data through get and post requests.

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Update: My collection contains around 100k documents, total size 78mb. I realised if I let my get request running it will bring me back the data after around 25-30minutes… That’s insane, last night it took only 1minute max. I’m using my one free cluster M0 Tier. Why it became so extremely slow in just a few hours without changing anything? I didn’t add any new data or change anything in the db or my source code. Any ideas?

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Hi Vasilis,

I’m really sorry that this happened to you. I suspect that what happened is you likely ran into our M0 Free Tier throughput limitation and were throttled as a result.

We will have the team explore how to more gracefully handle this situation in future. This is a difficult problem to solve: we unfortunately have to have limits on what we can enable in our free sandboxes so that everyone can enjoy them without being disrupted by neighbors. On the flip side we like to give people the ability to burst… but maybe that’s a mistake since it leads to this seesawing effect.


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It’s fine! Yes, and during my requests there were many connections on the same server and in addition, the low performance of the M0 tier made all this big time delay. The best solution I found was to make a local server on my machine using community server package and it covers my needs for now. I don’t have trouble using Atlas on that tier, some times has no delay at all. Thanks for responding! Also your support team was really helpful!