Student project : Charts free licensing


For a student project, I am using

  • MongoDB server version: 4.0.10 locally (local python app which create/update/delete nosql datas in my server). So SSPL license should not apply

  • MongoDB compass community (should be free)

  • I need to graph (charts) => 2/3 charts on a dashboard. According to what I understand and in my context I need to use docker to integrate charts to my MongoDB. Is it free licensing in this case? I can not find any accurate data related to my context.


Hi there! MongoDB Charts on-premises is included in our Enterprise licensing bundle. The full terms are listed here - note that it does allow for a free trial for non-production usage - please read the terms and consider whether your proposed usage is covered by the trial terms.

Charts on-premises does require Docker. For development use you should be able to use Docker Desktop which is available for free (but please check the Docker site for full terms).

Alternatively, you could look at using MongoDB Atlas, our cloud-hosted database offering. You can create and use an M0 size database for free, and also activate Charts in the project for free.



Hello Tom,
A widget of chart in compass community edition will be great!
The other solution is too complex for my needs.
Thanks for the reply anyway.
Kind regards


There are no plans to make Charts available through Compass.
Using MongoDB and Charts in Atlas is actually significantly simpler than installing and running it yourself - you should give it a try! :slightly_smiling_face:


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