Student Discount will get availed with personal MongoDB account?

Hi Everyone,
I have started my certification journey at MongoDB university with my personal email account instead of a university email.
Also, Availed of the GitHub Student Developer Pack and it seems linked with Personal Mongo DB account. But seems, the certification is not free.
Can somebody confirm, should I need to signup with University Mail ID to get the free Certification instead of a Personal Mail ID?
I just started so, I don’t want to spend my time on the wrong path. Please help me out to start learning.

Vetrivel Muthusamy

Hi @Vetrivel_Muthusamy

Welcome to the forum!

It’s correct that the certification is not showing up as ‘free’ in your MongoDB University account. After you’ve completed one of our learning paths, you can send me an email to request a Free Certfication voucher (see the instructions on your MongoDB Students offer profile).

Hope this helps and good luck! :slight_smile:


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