Stuck in REMOVED state after change member hostname of a single member replica set

I setup a single member replica set with bindIp: localhost, I got member[0].host = Then I changed member[0].host to “” by rs.reconf().

After that, I’m stuck in REMOVED state. rs.conf() is OK, but rs.status() returns error: MongoServerError: Our replica set config is invalid or we are not a member of it.

I found some logs:

isSelf could not authenticate internal user
"code":74,"codeName":"NodeNotFound","errmsg":"No host described in new configuration with {version: 2, term: 7} for replica set rs0 maps to this node"}

How can I fix it?

Could somebody help? It’s easy to reproduce.

I see the article about converting replica set to standalone.

Could anyone confirm is there risk of data loss doing so ?

I added the self IP into clusterIpSourceAllowlist, then converted the rs to standalone, then converted it to rs. After that, it’s fixed.

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