Stream Processing


I followed the steps provided in the Getting Started tutorial

At step 7. I have this error:

AtlasStreamProcessing> sp.createStreamProcessor(“avgWatts”, [s, t, m])
MongoServerError: Failed to create stream processor: (Location15955) a group specification must include an _id, correlationID = 179ed6d7e15a638fa3ae24c2

Of course, I cannot proceed with the other steps since the stream processor failed:



Hi Giampiero,

Can you share your entire pipeline with us please? The values for s, t, and m.


Hi Joe,
it worked now… the pipeline was copied from the tutorial, maybe it was a mistake in copy and paste, I tried to copy a paste individually let s, u, g, t, m and finally sp.createStreamProcessor(“avgWatts”, [s, t, m]) and it worked:

AtlasStreamProcessing> sp.createStreamProcessor(“avgWatts”, [s, t, m])
Atlas Stream Processor: avgWatts


Glad to hear it! Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like to get together to talk about your use case.