Stream from MongoDB to MongoDB in PySpark

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I am working on a use case that I need to stream a collection to pyspark and then write stream back to the same collection on MongoDB. I did not find any document about stream read in pyspark.

Can anyone make me clear about it? Maybe It will be a new feature?


This is possible today, can you provide some more detail as to what roadblocks you are running into?

Tell me how is that possible? How can I read MongoDB collection in spark streaming in python?

I want something like below:

lines = ssc.MongoStream("localhost", 27017,database="test",collection="test")


lines = spark \
    .readStream \
    .format("mongo") \
    .option("host", "localhost") \
    .option("port", 27017) \
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Today Structured Streaming isn’t supported, but you can make a connection to MongoDB via PyMongo and create a change_stream cursor to watch for data changes.

Is supporting Structured Streaming something that would benefit you? Can you describe your use case a bit more?


Thanks for yor clarification. Connecting via PyMongo is not streaming and It is not distributed I think, It means that you run a single thread python instance to read all the data. With the help of Spark Streaming(and Structured Streaming) all the workers can read stream a piece of data. Am I right?

My use case is to analyse(running A.I. algorithms) a collection of data in MongoDB which is being updated every 5 seconds and write the results.


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I also have a use case similar to yours. Can you please help me out?
You can reach to me at

Hi @mobin and @Erum_79340, can you add your scenario to We are looking at leveraging V2 of the Spark connector API which will enable native Spark streaming support for the connector. Your input will help us prioritize this.

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Thanks you. I sent my comment to the jira page. But I think the title of issue must have both source and sink there.

Hi Erum,

I commented my alternative solution to overcome this lack of support on the jira page that @Robert_Walters sent.

Thanks, I will check.