Storing Tasks in a simple MERN TODO app

Hi there,
I’m fairly new to the MERN stack and have been learning on-the-go by working on small projects.

I have been working on simple TODO app. The idea is to allow the user to login/signup and start creating tasks or TODOs for the day.

I already have a “Users” Collection on MongoDB Atlas M0 Cluster, that is meant to store user information such as username, email and password.

I’m trying to figure out how I could store the tasks for a specific user. Initially, I was planning to have a separate Collection, Tasks, that would store the tasks from all users using the app.

Alternatively, I thought it would be a better idea to store the tasks as an Object, as an additional item in the Users document. For example, a document from the “Users” Collection would look like this:


   _id: ObjectID(user1),
  username: "user1",
  email: "",
  password: "...",
  tasks: {
         ObjectId(task1): {
            task: "task 1",
            description: "description 1",
            isComplete: true
         ObjectId(task2): {
            task: "task 2",
            description: "description 2",
            isComplete: false


I am inclining towards the latter approach as it would keep things segregated as all tasks would be stored inside their respective user’s document. However, I am aware that this may lead to a performance overhead in the longer run, and I would also have to be mindful of the memory limit.

Given that this is a small-scale, side project, I would appreciate any advice on which approach I could go with and any good practices I could keep in mind while implementing the same.

Thanks in advance!