Storage monitor when sync

There is a way to monitor when sync will result in storage space not enough ?


Hello @Sergio_Carbonete,

Actually yes, there’s multiple ways to do this lol.

Yes, MongoDB Realm provides several ways to monitor storage space usage and potential issues with storage space.

Sure, here are six different ways you can monitor the storage space in MongoDB Realm:

  1. Use the Realm Admin UI to monitor storage usage on the Overview tab of your application. This will give you a high-level view of how much storage is being used, and how much is available.

  2. Use the Realm CLI to view the current storage usage by running the command realm-cli app storage --app-id <your app id>. This will give you a detailed breakdown of how much storage each collection is using.

  3. Use the MongoDB Atlas UI to view storage usage at the cluster level. Go to the “Metrics” tab for your cluster, and select “Storage” to view the total amount of storage used.

  4. Set up alerts in MongoDB Atlas to receive notifications when storage usage reaches a certain threshold. You can do this by going to the “Alerts” tab and creating a new alert based on the “Storage” metric.

  5. Monitor storage usage programmatically by querying the system.profile collection in your MongoDB database. This collection contains information about all database operations, including how much storage was used.

  6. Use a third-party monitoring tool like Datadog or New Relic to monitor storage usage in real-time and receive alerts when storage usage reaches a certain threshold.

Thanks @Brock , it’s help in Server side.
Sorry but i think i’m not clear.
When i say need to monitor storage in sync is about client storage, to know if sync will be complete or fail.


Hi @Sergio_Carbonete
Are you looking for something like a sync progress cursor to indicate how much data has been synced to the server?

No i want to know if exist enough space to sync occurs ok before they start.
Other doubt is if sync abort because not have space to consume, what exception is fired, and they commit some sync and abort pending sync or not commit all sync.

Imagine sync to smartphone and no storage avaiable to made all sync.


If this is regarding storage concerns, we recommend having at least 50% storage available on the cluster before enabling sync, or you could choose to enable auto scaling on your cluster ( See docs) to take care of this for you.

Let me know if that answered your question.


No , you are focus in server, i’m talking about client, desktop smartphone for example.