Stop All Replica Set with PSA Architectury

Hello team! Is all good with you?

Please, i have one Replica Set with PSA Architectury and I need stop all this cluster. I think, read the documentation, only stop the PRIMARY and the others nodes (SECONDARY and ARBITER) stop too. Is this true?

db.adminCommand({ “shutdown” : 1, timeoutSecs: 60 })

If exists others procedures to do this, please help me!


Hi @Henrique_Souza ,

The shutdown command only shuts down the mongod or mongos process you are connected to. You need to shut down each member of a replica set individually.

If you shut down the primary for a replica set, the remaining members will try to elect a new primary if possible.

If you plan to shut down all members of a replica set deployment, I would start with the other nodes (arbiter and secondary) and shut down the primary last in order to avoid any unnecessary election attempts.


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Thanks one more time @Stennie!

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