Stop all replica set with opsmgr command line

Hello Team,

I wonder how to stop a replicat set wth OpsMgr agent command.
I can do it easily with web interface, so i assume there is a command line that allow you to do the same ?



Hi @Cedric_ROLLO1,
I looked quickly and it seems to me that it can’t be done.

Here is the link of the doc:

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You’re looking for the processes[n].disabled option

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Thank you for your quick reply. As it possible via web interface i supposed it was also possible via a command. Let’s try the Chris way. And i let you know if i succeeded.


Thank you Chris,

I gonna try that way. Suppose I have to setup a curl command that will be raised against the OpsMgr server and that one will send it via agent.

New with OpsMgr API.

Thanks for the tips.