stitchUnconfigured failure { message: 'Error removing all functions:' }

Hey there,
I have been using mongo charts via the container for some time now and I love it!
However since a few months and versions I have had massive problems with starting the container.
I always encounter the following message:

 ✔ existingClientAppIds ([ 'mongodb-charts-qwxzr' ])
 ✔ migrationsExecuted ({})
 ✖ stitchUnconfigured failure { message: 'Error removing all functions:' }

Unfortunately this message is not very helpful to me. I don’t know what to do with it…
What I know is that if I restart the container several times (up to 5 to 10 times) it will work at some point…

What is the reason? Can I do something?

Edit: I have another issue I like to add here. I tried to upgrade from 1.17 to 1.8 and 1.9 and I’m unable to start charts now, because of:

✖ stitchUnconfigured failure { message:
   'app "mongodb-charts-qwxzr" not found. To reconfigure Charts with a fresh database, delete the mongodb-charts_keys volume and deploy again.' }

Reverting back to 1.17 still works fine…


Hi @Daniel_N_A -

The on-prem installation is a bit quirky, since it involves configuring a local Stitch/Realm server. We see this error during development from time to time too. Usually the easiest thing to do is clean everything up and start again, but if it works on retries then that’s fine too.

Note that any version of Charts from the repo higher than 1.9.2 is not supported for on-prem deployment. In our versioning system, 1.17 is a (much) newer version than 1.9. It’s failing since you’re attempting to downgrade which is not possible.


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