Stitch User Auth: unknown user confirmation status "400 BAD REQUEST"

Using the MongoDB Stitch SDK, register with email functionality, we are getting the following error message:

unknown user confirmation status “400 BAD REQUEST”

(no further details in the logs…type: Authentication)

Has anyone encountered this issue before?


Log details…


        "_id": "xx",

        "co_id": "xx",

        "type": "AUTH",

        "domain_id": "xx",

        "app_id": "xx",

        "group_id": "xxx",

        "request_url": "/api/client/v2.0/app/xxx/auth/providers/local-userpass/register",

        "request_method": "POST",

        "remote_ip_address": "xx",

        "started": "2020-07-07T14:12:39.205Z",

        "completed": "2020-07-07T14:12:40.304Z",

        "error": "unknown user confirmation status \"400 BAD REQUEST\"",

        "error_code": "BadRequest",

        "status": 400,

        "messages": [

            "[object Object]"



@Martin_Kayser Can you try using the new Realm SDKs for register? Also can you share the code you are using to call register?

Thank you for the reply!

It turned out that the confirmation function had been adjusted and was not returning the required status:success/pending/fail message anymore.

It may be useful to update error messaging to help debug such an issue faster!


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