Status on the App Services for 2024 and the future

Hello MongoDB team,

I would like to check on the status of App Services for the future.
In special the User Authentication, Functions, Trigger and HTTPS Endpoints.

We are launching a new product, an e-commerce, and would like to use MongoDB and its full suite of web services again.

As you recently deprecated Hosting and GraphQL I would like to be careful and ask if you foresee these services I mentioned to be maintained and updated for years to come.

We are already a customer of Atlas and App Services for a while now, at with many authenticated users, heavily using Functions and Triggers.

Thanks team. You have a great product, great experience with Charts, Compass, Atlas and more. Would love to rely on App Services too for many years to come.

Hi @andrefelipe thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to schedule a call to discuss upcoming projects on the roadmap and how we can help support you in building out your new product. I’ll send you an email directly to set up a time.