Status de recovery en servidor de replica set?

This weekend a fixation was made at the lunix level in the teams that make up the replication set of mongo, but at the time of lifting one of the teams does not finish synchronizing this one is inA state of recovery

stateStr: ‘RECOVERING’,

validate the state of replica set, it is observed that there is no source server, do you have any idea what is going on?

  syncSourceHost: '',

A review from the OPS Manager detects that the primary and secondary node is in Deploy Status:
Could you help me to stop the why it doesn’t finish syncing?

Hi @adolfo_Roldan, welcome to the MongoDB community forums!

stateStr: ‘RECOVERING’,

The RECOVERING state of the replica set indicates that the replica set member is not ready to accept reads. As the member is still in this state, there is currently no sync source available for that node.

To resolve this issue, I recommend following the steps outlined in Recover Replica set to perform a smooth synchronisation.

It may be possible that the oplog size may not have been sufficient for the re-sync of the replica set member. For information on changing the oplog size, refer to the documentation on oplog size.

Additionally, please follow the documentation to troubleshoot the replica set for more details.

Lastly, please confirm whether you are following the official documentation for deploying the replica set in Ops Manager.

In case you need further troubleshooting and help, please reach to MongoDB Customer Support.


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