@StateRealmObject object with nested properties

Hi everyone!

I have a SwiftUI view with several TextField’s bound to a @StateRealmObject as per code snippet bellow:

class Company: Object, Identifiable {

@Persisted(primaryKey: true ) var _id: UUID

@Persisted private (set ) var _partitionKey: String

@Persisted var companyName: String

@Persisted var registrationCode: String

@Persisted var firstName: String

@Persisted var lastName: String

@Persisted var mainAddress: Address!


class Address: EmbeddedObject {

@Persisted var streetName: String

@Persisted var streetNumber: String

@Persisted var postalCode: String

@Persisted var mobilePhone: String

@Persisted var workPhone: String

@Persisted var email: String

@Persisted var city: String


CompanyDetailView: View {
      @StateRealmObject var company: Company

     var body: some View {
    VStack {
                   TextField("company_name", text: $company.companyName)
                   TextField("registration_number", text: $company.registrationCode)
                   TextField("street_name", text: $company.mainAddress.streetName)
                   TextField("street_number", text: $company.mainAddress.streetNumber)
                   TextField("postal_code", text: $company.mainAddress.postalCode)
                   TextField("mobile_phone", text: $company.mainAddress.mobilePhone)
                   TextField("work_phone", text: $company.mainAddress.workPhone)
                   TextField("email", text: $company.mainAddress.email)

When trying to edit company properties (companyName, registrationCode) everything is ok but editing nested mainAddress properties like streetName, streetNumber and so on causes a Binding action tried to update multiple times per frame warning.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!