SSPL compatibility with other licenses


I’m currently going through some license compatiblity issues details and would like to get some input. Specifically I’m wondering about the issue that SSPL wants someone to open source their management code with a number of very explicit things like backup, UIs, APIs, etc.

What’s the idea about this kind of infectiousness WRT to underlying technology. E.g. creating a management platform that leverages other open source tools. Obviously people will use Linux to build those platforms but Linux won’t be available as SSPL. Or someone builds a platform, open sources it with the SSPL but also uses a backup utility like borg backup under the hood.

What’s the idea here (besides “I know it when I see it” when something absolutely needs to be SSPL vs. other open source licenses). From my point of view: others who create services providing MongoDB community server and do that using an open source approach could open source (and potentially dual license) their own code with the SSPL and IMHO they should be able to build upon the same open source utilities that the “community at large” rlies on … however, from a wording perspective this isn’t clear how this should be handled.


And a quick follow-up: does anyone know of prior art that is considered a valid practice?