SSO issue with IdP Azure EntraID (okta, mongodb, saml)


Everything is green everywhere on the MongoDB Atlas federation admin side and the same on the Azure AD / MS EntraID side, everything has been validated, connected and linked.

But when we launch the federation and point to the connection URL, everything is on board. MS Azure AD is successful on its side, but as soon as we get to the MongoDB Call Back to access the Dashboard and our organization, we find ourselves here again and again:

And the same is true of a freshly created account, for which you launch the invitation, so everything works, and as soon as you return to MangoDB you come across this link with the famous Sadeface.gif.

Does anyone have any ideas? have you experienced the same thing? or is this a real bug in the MongoDB backend, but I can’t find anything about it anywhere?

Thanks a million for your help in advance.

PS: I’ve got the NameID with the right format, I’ve got Firstname and LastName filled in. I’ve got the SHA and the correct Certificate given and given each time the IdP data is updated on the various tests. Everything’s green everywhere, but we get stuck as soon as the callback goes back to MongoDB.