Someone got a bit to enthusiastic with the Crop tool on the banner?

Hmm… I get a couple more letters than you @chris!

Not sure what’s going on. Maybe @Jamie can take a look once she comes online.

Works fine for me.

Guru Meditation:

<img src="" alt="MongoDB Developer Community Forums" id="site-logo" class="logo-big">

Hi @chris, @Doug_Duncan, (and anyone else noticing UI quirks with the site logo):

Can you confirm your specific browser version and O/S to help narrow down the problem?

There were a few files inadvertently (and briefly) pushed for a theme being developed which has different CSS.

These changes should have been backed out. but perhaps your browser may have cached incorrect versions. I just did a quick check on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on macOS. Safari has slight cropping on the right of the “y” (but not as dramatic as the examples above), but the other browsers appear to be well-behaved at varying page widths.

It would also be helpful if you could try shift+refresh on the MongoDB Community page (or more aggressively clearing your browser cache), which should fix the issue if it is related to caching.


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Firefox 75.0 / Ubuntu 18.04 (Dev Tools Disable Cache)
Normal hard refreshes do not update it. I’ll get more aggressive. :fist_left:

Loads fine in a new Opera tab.

Actually opening the URL directly in a tab it is still cropped in firefox. Even after a full cache clear.

Hi @Stennie the screen shot I provided was from Brave Browser ( Version 1.8.90 Chromium: 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) (64-bit) on MacOS 10.15.4. I have hard refreshed but the logo is still the same.

I did check out on other browsers I have with the following results:

Firefox 76.0 the logo shows the full Community without any cutoff.

Safari 13.1 the logo shows most of the logo with only a small part of the y cut off.

Chrome 81.0.4044.138 shows only Commun (like the screenshot that @chris provided).

Brave is my main and preferred browser. The other three browsers have not accessed the community forums before this test so it shouldn’t be a local caching issue. It does seem weird that four browsers however get different results.

I can provide screenshots if necessary, just let me know.

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Thanks for all the testing info, everyone. I’ll pass it to the designer and see if we can get a revised version to use. In the meantime, I’ll roll back to our old logo. :+1:


Wow, @Jamie you don’t mess around and get things done.

Community has been removed from the logo

I can’t wait for its return. The logo seems so empty now and it feels like something is missing from our cozy little community. :wink:


Ditto. All good after a regular refresh.


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