So, on premises charts is going away! Your cloud solution does not allow to connect my own mongodb!

That seems like a dead end!
I want to view some charts from data in my OWN instance of mongodb on MY OWN kubernetes cluster. I do NOT want to use your cloud cluster service.
I created a project on your cloud service and want to connect charts to my server.
How would I do that?


It is only for MongoDB Altlas. It is indeed a shame that MongoDB are discontinuing the self hosted version. I’ll be on the hunt for a replacement too.

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Please let me know, if you find something. If there is some coding involved it´s fine for me. I even thought using one of those JS frameworks. In fact when I think about the wasted time in setting up charts I could have made a nice tiny dashboard for my needs in the same time. I am not willing to pay a monthly fee. My project is too small.
It´s also very stupid from the mongo team: If I as developer could use charts for free, I would promote it to my clients how would then pay for it.

Hi Klaus, sorry to hear you have been inconvenienced by this transition. It is true that our cloud-hosted product can’t connect to a locally-hosted MongoDB server. However it is not true that you are required to pay a monthly fee for the cloud version. You can deploy a free-tier Atlas cluster and use Charts below the generous bandwidth threshold and everything will be completely free.



Hi, so can I use my own MongoDB instance from my servers as datasource in the Atlas Cluster? :thinking:

You’ll need to copy the data from your personal cluster into the Atlas cluster first.