Single MongoDB setup for multiple developers


A simple question to understand: Can we use single MongoDB server for multiple developers installed same application in multiple App servers and connects to same MongoDB?
Basically we don’t have enough servers to accommodate multiple MongoDB servers, so the plan is to use same MongoDB server for all the developers.

  • Is it possible to segregate same set of data coming from different apps with different dbs(Single MongoDB server)?
  • Is it possible to create same set of collections and documents in different dbs?
  • So that we will provide separate user and db(like in rdbms) to each developer and their data set will be written and accessible to specific db, is this possible?


Hi Vikas_Reddy

You can use one server hosting multiple databases. You can then configure multiple users with only access to a dedicated database (or multiple databases). You can even configure access only to a collection within a database, if you do not want to create multiple databases.