Sign in with Google (android, realm-java) is currently not possible

When generating credentials for google sign in the documentation indicates that one should create credentials selecting Android as the target, input a SH1 hash and then use the given client secret. Doing this with an Android target in the google web console does not provide a client secret however, it should indicate to use a web target here. Furthermore when using web as a target sign in with google seemingly doesn’t work at all, client logs simply “error exchanging access code with OAuth2 provider”

Yes, i have similar problem here. I spent 3 days step by step follow the document to create a demo with realm. However, the ignorant “credentials” problems snapped my face. In my situation, credentials won’t work with anonymous. If you want to pass the authentication, you have to create a user in Realm UI. Otherwise, it won’t work. However, i found an interesting thing that if i use the code from somewhere else rather than the official one, it doesn’t have any issue.

Hi @Theo_Miles and @junjie_zhang,

We are aware of this issue with Google and working on fixing it asap…


Hi @Pavel_Duchovny !! have you guys fixed this? Coz the issue still exists while integrating google sign-in. When I try to login for the first time I getting this error but after again clicking on sign-in I’m able to login. This behavior is alternatively happening.

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