Shutdown due to Oplog

Can the Server be Shutdown because of the Oplog?

If you have one, can I know the case?

Hi @Kim_Hakseon,

Are you asking if this is possible in theory or do you have a specific unexpected shutdown event to investigate?

A secondary’s oplog could fall too far behind the primary causing that member to become “stale”, but that will not trigger shutdown. Unrecoverable write errors are a possible cause for the mongod process to shutdown because it is not safe to continue … but that is a general I/O safety mechanism.

If you have a specific example, please provide more information around the shutdown behaviour you are interested in (eg log snippet and specific version of MongoDB server).


I think you’re asking, “This is possible in the story.”

This question was asked by the client company to us, but I didn’t understand it at all, so I asked.

Thank you.

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