Show Us Your Talents in the Community Cafe!

Hi everyone!

In case you missed it, MongoDB World is now a free, virtual, two-day event full of learning, networking, and fun! (Learn more about 2020 >>>)

One exciting outcome of this format change is the new Community Cafe – a parallel content track where we’ll be hosting tutorials and workshops, kid-friendly activities, and a proverbial talent show of community members akin to previous years’ Builders Fest at MongoDB World. We’re looking for community members who want to show off their stuff. We want you!

Here’s the idea proposal form with more details on how to get involved >>>

The bottom line is: we want to get to know our community better. The theme for this year’s Community Cafe track is “Getting to Know Your Neighbors.” We invite you to take us into the pottery-throwing, stamp-collecting, dog-training, rodeo-riding, home-baking, upcycled-sculpting, piano-playing, and competitive dancing world of our MongoDB community at home.

Time is short, so submit your ideas today. Even if they aren’t fully baked out yet, we can work with you to turn your talent into a fun session of sharing and learning. Drop a comment below if you have any questions. Thanks!


Y’all, don’t make me do a live cooking show by myself :wink: