Should we rely on timestamps or clocks?

Hey Team,
I am thinking to ignore the updates come in previous timestamps for example I have field called dateUpdated which is DateTime / TimeStamp and If I get concurrent updates I would to take the latest data with latest timestamp.
For this, I would be using Mongo Compare and set atomic operations and utlimately I would be relying on Mongo clocks and My System Clocks as well.
My Question here is it good practice to go with clock comparision or shall I go with versioining ??
What are the Mongo recommendatations on that ??

Gheri Rupchandani

It’s not a mongodb-specific question.

The rule is wall clock is not reliable. So you have to use your own “ordered” sequence to make decisions. something like “lamport clock”.

This is the same questions as “how to find out which write is the last one in a last write wins strategy ?”