Should i set priority for one node in a replication set

for a single replication set environment(not shard), should i set priority for one node to assign it the primary node?
because if all nodes` priority is default value “1”, then when i start this replication set , mongo will select one node as primary randomly, then i can not give a permanent ip address to my application to connect.

i read the document, such as java driver connection, it says i can write all my replication set hostname or ip in my connection string, driver will auto select the primary, is that right?
like this:

ConnectionString connectionString = new ConnectionString("mongodb://host1:27017,host2:27017,host3:27017/");

do i need replicaSet parameter in this connectstring? if there is no replicaSet parameter, dose the driver know this is a replication set and will choose the right primary node to connect?

Hi, the replicaSet parameter is not strictly needed. If the servers in the seed list are part of a replicaset, the driver will connect to that replicaset. It is recommended to provide the replicaSet parameter for consistency.

By default the driver will connect to the primary server in the replica set. If the primary member changes, the driver will automatically switch to the new primary member.