Should I migrate to a new database or a new cluster?

I have a database where other collections’ performance is degrading my collections. I wonder if I should migrate my collections to a different database or a different cluster? Purely from the performance standpoint, what goes into this decision?

As an off-topic, how does this affect the cost, on Atlas?

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To understand your use-case better, can you please confirm below details?

  • MongoDB Version
  • Are you using MongoDB Atlas, if yes, then which cluster? (M0, M2 or any other)
  • By performance, do you mean that you are getting slow query responses from your collection? if no, then please explain.
  • How did you came to a conclusion that your collection’s performance is being degraded because of other collection? What metrics/logs/errors did you go through to confirm this?
  • What is the end result that you want to achieve by migrating a collection from one database/cluster to another?

Moving your collection to a new Cluster depends on your use-case and requirements. I don’t think migrating collection to a different database within the same deployment will make any difference as the hardware resources provided are same and database is just a name space, on the other hand, if the collections are somewhat related or needed some joining then moving them to a new database will create another challenges such as: $lookup cannot be used. If you require higher levels of performance that cannot be achieved within the current cluster, then a new cluster may be necessary. Migrating to a new cluster could change your billing situation, however it’s difficult to say how much this will change without further information.

To learn more about performance in MongoDB, I would recommend you to go through below links:


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