Sharding status of a collection

we started to shard a collection. How can i unstarstand distribution of data is in progres or finished and how much take time?
Thank you.

Hi @baki_sahin1

You can check the status of the balancer by using the commands to Manage Sharded Cluster Balancer.

how much take time?

Do you mean how long before the balancer would be done balancing? Unfortunately I don’t think it’s known from the outset since if the cluster is also receiving writes, it’s possible that the balancer can go on for a while. It’s also depends on how many chunks it needs to balance, and (to some degree) depends on your MongoDB version since there are improvements in newer versions.

If you’re new to administering MongoDB, you might want to checkout the free MongoDB University course M103 Basic Cluster Administration. It should get you up to speed on getting a cluster up and running.

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Thank you Kevin.

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