Sharding: CommandFailed: commit clone failed

Sharding dont work for one Collection wiht Error:

2021-01-14T18:13:13.898+0100 I SHARDING [Balancer] Balancer move lidl_index.SourceFile: [{ MinKey, sourceFileId.source: MinKey, XXXx.filename: MinKey }, { “DE”, sourceFileId.source: “l”, sourceFileId.filename: “2020/0668/12/28/receipts/0668_20XXXXXXX_Transaction_7a3ce786-17e5-4cad-beec-d138ff97801d.xml” }), from rs6, to shard-rs3 failed :: caused by :: CommandFailed: commit clone failed :: caused by :: Location40650: detected change of term from 14 to -1

Any Idea ?

Hello @Kiron_Ip_Yarda,

Reading the description it looks like you are hitting this bug:

Also please confirm MongoDB version you are using to understand more.

We have Mongodb 3.64