Sharding cluster stopped working

Could some one will be able to clarify how to determine if we need to do a restart or its not required ?.

db.getSiblingDB("admin").system.keys.find().map(k => { return { _id: k._id, purpose: k.purpose, expiresAt: new Date(k.expiresAt.getTime()*1000) }})

As provided by this command we see two HMAC expiry date does this mean we will not run into the issue mentioned in the bug ?. We already encountered once so wanted to understand how proactively to resolve this issue till we upgrade. And even if we plan to restart does PRIMARY configdb restart is sufficient or should we need to perform on replicaset of configdb as well ?

	"_id" : NumberLong("6946694690259337217"),
	"purpose" : "HMAC",
	"expiresAt" : ISODate("2021-07-01T22:43:16Z")
	"_id" : NumberLong("6946694690259337218"),
	"purpose" : "HMAC",
	"expiresAt" : ISODate("2021-09-29T22:43:16Z")