Sharding an existing collection

I have an existing collection:
Data size : 5 TB (uncompressed)
Storage Size: 1.8 TB (compressed)

I am planning to shard this collection but I am unable to understand the Operation restriction in the collection size mentioned here -

Can someone please help me understand this ? Would I be able to shard a collection of this size if I increase the chunk size?

Hello, I share my opinion.

If you can calculate “Average Size of Shard Key Values”, you can check this table.

The default chunk size in MongoDB 5.0 is 64 megabytes. If you use default chunk size and “Average Size of Shard Key Values” is 64 bytes, you can shard your collection (Max 8TB)

I do not know for sure the size. But its an alphanumeric string on around 28 characters, so I think it should fit in 64 bytes