Several Mongo daemons on the same physical server?


Let’s say I have 3 high-performant physical servers. Would it be a valid deployment (see below)?
3 powerful physical hosts hold 3 replica-sets:
Host1: RS1 primary, RS2 secondary, RS3 secondary
Host2: RS1 secondary, RS2 primary, RS3 secondary
Host3: RS1 secondary, RS2 secondary, RS3 primary

I really don’t want to setup a dedicated server for each Mongo daemon.

It would be awesome if someone could share experience.

Many thanks in advance!

Why do you want 3 replica set?

Don’t forget that all members of a RS handle the same write load.

Simple answer is yes. You can do that.

The idea is to have one RS per each app. I want to know if there is someone who deploys in this way.

Thanks, I know that I can but I’m wondering to know whether there is someone who really uses this kind of configuration.

that is of course not recommended for production deployment.

A db server can consume a lot of resources, so why put so many servers on the same node and let them fight with each other?

It’s almost always better to use dedicated machine.


From a different aspect, 3 commodity machines are supposed to be cheaper than a single high end machine with similar capability.

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Thank you for your answers!

I think that, given the same hardware, you would get better performance with all the applications using the same RS. But as anything performance related only testing and benchmarking can provide the clear answer.

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