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In documentation describing connecting to MongoDB Atlas and in MongoDB Compass App it says to set system property org.mongodb.async.type=netty.

I have a test M10 cluster setup and I am able to connect to Atlas database with or without setting org.mongodb.async.type system property which doesn’t make sense to me and I expected connection to either fail or give errors if not setup.

I am using mongodb-scala-driver version 2.9 and Atlas version is current 3.6 - I am getting ready to test for TLS changes in new year as well as updating database.

If anyone can share some light on this I’d appreciate the input.

PS - support assures me that one can not connect to Atlas without SSL/TLS being enabled.

Hi @Colin_Bester,

Native asynchronous TLS/SSL support was added to the Java driver version 3.10. The Scala driver 2.9.0 depends on the 3.12 version. So you don’t need to use netty for async tls/ssl support.

Just to note: the latest version of the Scala driver is 4.1.1 - The scala driver source merged into the Java driver source in 4.0 to help improve maintainability of the code.

All the best,


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Thanks @Ross_Lawley, always nice when there is a good explanation for what one is seeing.

Also appreciate heads up on 4.1.1 but sadly when our application started it’s beta test 4.1.1 was still not marked as released so we (a small startup pushing hard) are a little behind.

Is there any preference in using netty vs native async ssl/tls - I assume use native?


I would recommend native, especially if you don’t already have netty in your stack.

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