Setting up OAuth authentication in Realm

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to set up a Realm environment and I’d like to make it accessible through Google OAuth, but I can’t find a solution for this problem. I thought that using Realm would have made this easier, but I’m stuck and I can’t find any other documentation about this.

I followed guide (, set up Google App, defined client id and in Google everything should be correct and testing it will successfully return a bearer token.
In Realm I enabled the Google authentication and added all the configs.

Now, using Postman, I am able to open the login screen and create a bearer token, but when I run the real call to Realm I always receive this message:

    "error": "no authentication methods were specified",
    "error_code": "InvalidParameter",
    "link": ""

The call contains an header like this: --header ‘Authentication: Bearer Abcd01…’

What’s wrong with this? Is a setting problem or it’s related to something missing in the header?

Thank you