Setting environment in realm sync?

Hey there!

I have recently integrated realm-sync into my unity project. What I am finding hard is - how can I switch the environment where the data would end up via Unity. Also, my question is if realm-sync has the option to have different environments for a project.

What do you mean by environments - is it productions/staging or something else? If it is, you can create different backend apps - e.g. one for production, one for staging and then have a field in your app that determines which backend app to talk to. That can be either something you hardcode in an #if statement or something that - at least initially - users can pick in the UI.

Thanks for your answer.

What I meant is that we would like to have two separate environments but a single app and single schema - one for development where we would test different scenarios, and one for prod where we do not want to alter any user data. I was wondering if there is a way to send my data to the same app with the same schema but differs in its environment based on a flag. The behaviour we are looking for is similar to how Unity gives the options for its analytics dashboard (image below).