"serverStatus was very slow",What does each item mean?

When the business slows down, the message “serverStatus was very slow” frequently appears in the log.
What does each item mean?
As shown in the picture, how to troubleshoot?

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Generally “serverStatus was very slow” means that the server is overburdened to the point that it cannot reply to status command without significant delay. I believe the serverStatus command in question was called by the full time diagnostic data capture system, once every second.

Most of the time, if you know that the server is overburdened and expect that the workload will get lighter in the near future, this is not an issue. If you see this message all the time, then more in depth troubleshooting is required. However as I mentioned, typically only an overburdened server shows these messages, so upgrading the server’s hardware is one way to alleviate this.

Please note that it’s best for next time if you paste the actual text message instead of posting a screenshot. A screenshot is much harder to read, and won’t show up in search results.

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