serverStatus command caused exception "Duplicate element name 'metrics'."

C# .NET MongoDB Driver

Attempt to perform serverStatus command to a cloud.
Studio 3T shows Server Status commas successfully.
Same code works ok to the local MongoDB.

Var command = new CommandDocument {{ “serverStatus”, 1 } };
Var result = db.RunCommand(command);

Returned exception “Duplicate element name ‘metrics’.”
Any possible solution?


Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @yoav_maor!

This is an unusual message and we’ll need some more details to try to reproduce the issue:

  • Is your MongoDB deployment in the cloud self-managed or a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering via a cloud provider?

    • If you are using DBaaS, please confirm the cloud provider and instance type.
    • If this is a self-managed deployment, please confirm the O/S and version.
  • What specific version of MongoDB server are you using (as reported by db.version() when connected to your deployment via the mongo shell)?

  • What specific version of the MongoDB C# driver are you using?


Thanks for answering.

The MongoDB was created Create a free tier cluster automatically for a new user on the cloud for free testing. It contains sample data only created as part of the automatic build.

Cloud provider: AWS, N. Virginia (us-east-1)

Db.versison = 4.4.3

MongoDB C# = 2.10.4

Since it contains test data only I can provide the connection string.