Serverless Query Cost

Is it possible to, either before executing or immediately afterwards, understand the RPU/WPU impact (cost) of a single query?

Azure MongoDB has getLastRequestStatistics but this command does not exist on Atlas instances.

From reading other topics on the forum it does seem there is a theme of not entirely understanding how RPU is calculated, or indeed how and when to optimise for it. If the response returned to clients using SDKs included the cost it would allow us to shorten the development cycle.

My first usage of Mongo Atlas Serverless resulted in a $60 bill because of a missing index, I wish it was easiest to spot this during development rather than once it hit production under full load. The cost isn’t important, but the lack of tooling and quicker visibility can make this risky business. I’m currently considering alternative options.


Hey @JamesSherlock - Welcome to the community and thanks for providing your feedback regarding Serverless usage.

Unfortunately this type of feature isn’t available in Atlas. In saying so, I’ve created a post on the MongoDB Feedback engine for this feature in which yourself and others can vote for. If you believe theres some information missing please feel free to comment on the post.


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