Serverless MongoDB 5.1 with PHP

Just wondering what the plans are to support this on the PHP Driver, interested to use the Serverless MongoDB 5.1 with that tech stack. Thanks in advance :beer:

Connecting to Atlas Serverless should only require that a driver supports the loadBalanced URI option. Support for load balancers was introduced in version 1.11.0 of the PHP extension.

I am aware of one issue in libmongoc (CDRIVER-4207), a dependency of the PHP extension, that is preventing us from running the library’s test suite on Atlas Serverless (PHPLIB-717); however, that is mainly a conflict with some internal commands we use in the test suite and is unlikely to affect users.

Have you experienced any problems connecting to Atlas Serverless using the latest version of the PHP driver (extension 1.12.0 and library 1.11.0)? If so, please submit a bug report for the extension using GitHub or the PHPC project in JIRA and we can look into it further.

Cool, I just assumed it would not work since it is listed as unsupported in the serverless limitations for PHP.

I’ll give it a try on the new PHP driver, thanks for the info :ok_hand:

Update: Working with the PHP driver 1.11.0 and extension 1.12.0 :+1:

Here is the doc that sent me to assume it was not supported…