Server versioning and development/release/maintenance model

I’m no git wizard so it’s not easy for me to see how the different branches/tags are created/developed/merged/maintained/etc.

Is there a document that describes how/when/why the branches are created/developed/maintained?

For example, does main development occur on the master branch that is tagged/branched for the progressive releases? … with back-porting of important fixes, etc., for supported versions?

What you describe in your example is basically what we do. You can check out for details about our versioning system.



@Kelsey_Schubert Thanks for the reply.

I can see how versioning is done and I’m wondering how development is done.

For example, on GitHub, branch v6.1 is 137 commits ahead and 1161 commits behind master branch.

Do all the active branches cherrypick off the master branch? If a developer was to make a new feature, where is the start? … a new personal branch of master that will one day, hopefully, be merged back into master? If a developer creates a fix applicable to multiple branches/releases, is it first developed as a branch of master, then merged back into master and then cherrypicked into all the active branches?


Yes, we develop against that master branch (create branches from it and then merge into it). Typically we cherry-pick fixes back if we consider it safe and worthwhile to do so.

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