Server error since upgrading to serverless

I’ve implemented MongoDB’s Realm in my React-Native application to offer an offline first database with optional cloud sync. This all worked fine, but the development server (m0) was too slow to start testing our setup with actual users. I therefore upgraded our configuration to Mongo’s serverless last night. However, since then my app receives errors straight after authenticating (with google in my case), and in Mongo’s logs I see the following error message:

recoverable event subscription error encountered: error getting new mongo client while creating qbs app translator: error from previous Connect attempt: this service was recently updated, so it may take several minutes until the cluster can be connected to. Error: error connecting to MongoDB service cluster: failed to ping: server selection error: server selection timeout, current topology: { Type: Unknown, Servers: [{ Addr:, Type: Unknown, Last error: remote error: tls: unrecognized name }, { Addr:, Type: Unknown, Last error: remote error: tls: unrecognized name }, { Addr:, Type: Unknown, Last error: remote error: tls: unrecognized name }, ] }

I find it hard to determine what’s wrong based on this message. It seems to complain that it can’t find a (new) server, but theres no way to be sure.

What can I do to fix this error? Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

Can you please try disabling Device Sync and seeing if the issue persists? Device Sync is not supported on Serverless


The service we are building is built around device sync, so disabling that would not be a workable solution for us. We are now moving towards a dedicated server. This seems to work, but the costs are considerably higher.

The reason I had upgraded my instance from m0 to serverless in the first place was the slow performance of simple functions, causing test users of my app to get confused on whether the thing was responsive. Since Mongo always said in its documentation that the m0 was only to be used for development and testing, I moved to something I hoped would be faster. A dedicated server, on the other end, seems like a big step for our project.

Are there any other, more cost effective solutions that you have, that would allow us to take our project with device sync to production?

Hi Joris, I am sorry about the inconvenience. What dedicated tier are you trying to use?

Hi! We’re now on the m10 deployment. I’d strongly prefer a service where we are charged based on usage rather than time :).

I hear your feedback loud and clear. Integrating Device Sync into Serverless is on our roadmap.

For the time being you can also use M2 and M5 clusters to cut down on costs.