Serveless instance questions

Hi, first of all English is not my first languaje so excuse me if i said something wrong or weird and I’ll be happy to clarify if anything I’m about to say it’s unclear.

I’m currently working on a project similar to Udemy or Platzi. We’re going to be using mongo to store metadata of videos. I already watched the video of azure blob storage + mongo (its from the OG mongo YT channel). For a couple of weeks now, my teamates and I have been applying for the github student developer pack to redeem the $50 of atlas credits. I was planning to use them on a dedicated instance, but please correct me if im wrong, the cheapest option is 57 per month, which surpasses the free mongo credits. We don’t really want to spend another 7 dollars just for this project, its kinda small and we’re not really going to be using all the features + storage of a dedicated instance. So i started looking into the serveless option, which i also don’t fully understand how it works, and how the usage will be deducted from our free credits.

Right now im developing an API using a local mongo db instance, while we decide which mongo db plan we’ll get. But I dont want to get rid of it once we start using atlas. I actually want to do the next thing: because in the area we live there are electricity outages happening every 2 to 3 weeks (they only last a couple of days at maximum) we want to be able to have a mongo db instance running locally and have the atlas instance sync with the local databases. We’re 4 people in my team, so the idea is to have 4 databases (or clusters, please correcte if im wrong, Im kinda lost xd) one in each of our laptops + the atlas instance. INSERTS, DELETES and UPDATES to the local databases will sync with atlas to have the same data in every computer. I just dont know how to do that or if its even possible. I tried reading about replica sets, but the free M0 does not allow me to add replica sets (i’ve tried adding my local db to the M0 with no success)

So… TL; DR:
How to create 5 replica sets, 4 localy hosted in our personal computers and 1 in atlas to sync the changes accross our devices.

How do the serverless instance pricing work ?

Do we need a dedicated instace to access the replica sets or that can be done with serverless?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Byron

Just to summarize your question- you want to run three copies of MongoDB locally, and 1 in the Cloud, correct?

I came across posts with similar questions such as this and this. Do this help answer your question?

Here are a couple of resources that explain how serverless pricing works: resource_1 | resource_2

Can you tell me more about why you need to “add a replica set”? What are you trying to achieve?

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