Send offline post to Atlas

I want to create an offline-first app where the user can create blog posts offline and when online is available the data will be sent to Atlas. The offline post needs to be sent to Atlas, but the post in Atlas does not send back to the mobile app.

Is Realm the right tool for this?

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The question kind of describes how Realm works by default, so the answer is, generally speaking, yes.

Realm is an offline first database - once data is written locally, at some point in time in the near future - usually within milliseconds, that data is 'sync’ed to the server.

At that time though, if there is fresh data on the server that has not been sync’d to the client, that will happen. But in your case if no other data exists to be sync’d then nothing will be sent to the client.

You have control over what is sync’d and what isn’t as well via partition based sync’d and flexible sync.

There are additional options which involve using the Swift SDK to write data directly to Atlas or Asymmetric objects.

All of this is covered in the documentation.