Self-managed vs Managed Database

It’s always good to use managed database services if:

  • You want to get rid of managing things from command line
  • You don’t want to spend any of your time on configuring setup using command line
  • You / your client have budget and mindset to spend amount for this service
  • You have more important things to focus on rather than managing database
  • You don’t have enough ideas to manage it from command line
  • etc

This features / requirements are really attractive for customers who you’re serving to and for the Developers, DBA who hates using command line until and unless they really need to.

But if we consider it from a MongoDB service provider’s point of view or a freelancer’s point of view or MongoDB DBA point of view who loves working only with mongo, What one should advice to their clients? To go for Managed database service and configure that for them (Their job is almost done here) or going for Self managed way? What are the things to take in the real consideration?